Sunday, June 30, 2013

One last Oslo post

Here are the remainder of images/posts I wanted to share with you - 

Oslo Pass

For the next 48 hours going to see as much of Oslo as humanly possible. Oslo is the Viking capital, Oslo is Edward Munch and Henrik Ibsen, Oslo is where the Nobel Prize is awarded, and Oslo is home to the Norwegian National Opera. Have seen the Opera House looking forward to seeing more.

Oslo Radhus

Oslo City Hall opened in 1950. Decorated with motifs from Norwegian history and cultures. Today the city's political and administrative leadership is still based here. On the 10th of December each year the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded here. The roof of the Eastern tower has a 49 - bell carillon which plays every hour. We could hear the sound from our hotel.

A nice spot for a late lunch ... City Hall ...

Norsk Naritimit Museum

After the Fram Museum we walked across to the Norwegian Maritime Museum which gives one insight to Norway as a coastal and maritime nation. The exhibition "Skipet/The Ship" shows more than 2000 years of development from Norway's oldest craft to Orcelle, the ship of the future. I really enjoyed the film of different seaside cities and towns and maritime industries. So visually spectacular. A must see for all visitors.

Still on my Oslo Pass

Having done the Opera House, City Hall, the Fram Museum, the Kon-Tiki Museum, the Maritime Museum and the Viking Ship Museum, I'm ready for a short stroll down the hill to the Museum of Cultural History.