Saturday, June 8, 2013

Arrive at Oslo

Good Morning we have arrived. It took 27 hours in total. We arrived in Oslo via Berlin 10.00am local time. We go outside and sit to check paperwork on accommodation. DC wants to catch a taxi.

Before doing this I go and see which way is best way? Lucky, as it is a two hour flight to our hotel in Alto. And it's a charter flight, but we're not sure on time or terminal! Turns out we have no accommodation for tonight............ A first for me. Stay tuned!

Now where was I up to? Oh that's right panic setting in. Then David Lee heard our Australian accents, a godsend. Then we meet up with some of the Australian delegation. So good to be with young person who knows what they are doing, thank you David. On train to Central, praying that the Radisson Blu has a spare room.