Saturday, October 9, 2010

North Sydney - old/new; different/same

I am enjoying taking the time out to reflect on the words of Mary MacKillop before embarking on a journey of a life time. What stays in my mind this morning is how Mary describes North Sydney:

The place is beautifully retired; though near one of the chief streets, it is as quiet as if miles away from other people. We have no noise, bustle or excitement, have a nice little garden and paddock with high fences, and little birds singing around us, their singing and the ticking of the clocks being the only sounds except at recreation, and, of course, necessary talking during exercise and study (McCreanor; 2006:46).

On the one hand this is a very different scene to the business of North Sydney today, but on the other not so much. As when you have the opportunity to visit MacKillop Place you will be amazed at how its sense of tranquillity and peace is still remains.

Posted by Lisa B